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Does it still count?  It is hard to know what to do today or how to process my feelings.  Today would have been my 31st wedding anniversary.  I think I will go to 31 flavors to celebrate. I am sure that Jim would have come up with that idea had he been alive!  I put […]

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Launching my First born!

Perhaps this is too personal to put on this blog. It is the letter I wrote to Emily this evening. It sort of captures some of the feelings I am experiencing as she moves to Biola to start her college experience tomorrow. Dear Emily Ruth, I am sitting here listening to you laugh and sing […]

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God, Hold the pieces of my heart!

2 Cor. 2:7  “God’s secret purpose framed from the very beginning is to bring us to our full glory” I know that everyone has regrets.  No way around it.  It has been my goal, however, to live with as few of them as possible.   That said, I do hold that idea in tension with the […]

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