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Glaciers and Earthquakes

I was listening to an uploaded sermon from our church in IL  last week and Mike was looking back at the events of 9/11.  The comparison of the events,  based on an analogy from Dr. Martin Marty, was to an earthquake.  For most people, the event was an earthquake. When there is an earthquake, it […]

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Letters from heaven!

I am still processing what I think about what I am about to share, but I know God orchestrates things for us beyond what we can imagine.  This week I was especially sad.  And that is okay…even expected.  But here is what happened.  Other people let me know of their own sadness, of “Jim-sightings” , […]

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Happy Birthday to me! Happy New Year!

There is something about the fall that to me has always felt more like “New Year’s” than the first day of January.  Simply put, every fall has marked new beginnings, fresh goals, new shoes and school supplies.    My “internal calendar” has always found its rhythm with the school season.  I am not sure but […]

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In-Ten-se Emotions!

10 months ago Jim left planet earth, at least physically.  So much of him remains by virtue of his memory and ministry and the mark he left.  I dreamt about him all night – funny stuff  – both humorous and randomly odd!  I woke up missing him more than ever! There have been way too […]

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