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Saying Goodbye

Saying Goodbye to the Callahans One of my favorite musicals is “The Sound of Music” and one of the most bittersweet songs is the one that the children sing at the party that is all about saying goodbye. They try to lighten the mood with something that is not fun or easy to say. In […]

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Day 1 – the Atoning work of the Savior that never ceases Day2 – Burdens shared and carried by gentle hands Day 3 – my Community of family & friends Day 4 – the Defeat of death by Christ Day 5 – the promise of Eternal Life Day 6 – Forgiveness. There is nothing else […]

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Mirm in Wonderland

There are so many childhood fairy tales that have hidden meanings if we look for them.  Sometimes they are there intentionally as in Narnia and sometimes perhaps there are just lessons that can be applied to our own story like a parable.  I love both kinds of tales and the secret lands that I find […]

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