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Billy Graham

Well Dr Graham went home to heaven yesterday and everyone seems to be sharing their memories and stories of this amazing evangelist, known as America’s Pastor.  I too have stories! My first remembrance is when I was probably 4 years old.  We sat really high up in the Coliseum in LA and I remember that […]

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Valentine’s Day Thought

“What do you do for Valentine’s day?”  This question comes up every year, as do the other holiday traditions that well meaning people ask every year. Traditions change for the empty nester, as they do when your life partner dies, but Valentine’s Day is a bit different.  People don’t like to hear the words”Nothing” and […]

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This is Us is Us!

Grief is part of the landscape of life. It made itself at home long ago and yet I realized its presence in a profound way when my life partner left earth. It is always there and I ignore it in the same way that I function with a low grade headache or keep eating popcorn […]

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I am Gomer…

The one character in the Bible that I do not ever want to be identified with is Gomer.  Ok, well there are several others, but no matter how much I think I am different than Hosea’s wayward wife, it does not take more than a few seconds to realize I am not – different, that […]

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