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I have been a baseball fan and a Dodger fan as long as I can remember! I know there are people who think it is too slow to watch, which is probably because they are all ADD. Like many other people I have tons of memories. I won’t bore anyone with them all now. I […]

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Running to Win

Today, I watched my son run a race; actually he and 8 friends ran a marathon (26.2 miles). I am proud of them all for finishing! I personally hate to run. I cannot imagine doing that for 4-6 minutes, let alone 4-6 hours! I often wish I had that kind of drive and commitment, but […]

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Upside Down

It is interesting to me how backward, upside down and topsy turvy the Christian faith is. Think about it. Jesus won by losing. He taught that to be great, be a servant; to be first, go last; and to be promoted, humble oneself. It gets even more radical when Jesus says to bless those who […]

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The End of an Era

16 years and countless hours on a soccer field, dozens of pairs of cleats, shinguards and uniforms; lots of laundry, sunscreen and gas, and now it is all in the rearview mirror.  Clayton has played his last soccer game.  Oh, I am quite sure that there will be more games and soccer play in his […]

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Amazing Finish!

Check out this link to an amazing win for the Eagles against Master’s College in overtime!! It was a very happy game since I spent it with the Tutens!  

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