Save memories and make memories

January 5, 2015 0 By Mirm

This year’s resolution: I am going to try to save some memories and make some memories. What I mean is that while I spend a lot of time remembering and living in my memories, I have not spent much time making new memories to save. I have spent a lot of time saving up my memories because I don’t want to lose them – especially 35 plus years with Jim. I realize that I have been living more in the memories rather than dreaming about what the future might hold. Perhaps that is because I have so many happy memories and the present tends to be so lonely that I don’t like thinking about the future as it stands. I also realize that I have forgotten how to dream. And that is not good. So my goal is to dream and plan again and at the same time, preserve my history.

I know I want to preserve the memories I have made and to that end I am hopeful to organize some photos and jot down some stories for my kids to have about their dad and their heritage. But, I am losing “daylight” as I head further into the autumn of life and I don’t want to waste a moment. Eccl 5:20 is my new motto! “She seldom reflects on the days of her life, because God keeps her occupied with gladness of heart.”

God has given me this moment and not just my yesterdays. He has planned a my life with a hope and a future!