About the Author

In February of 2009, Jim Mohler, my best friend and life partner, got sick with brain cancer (GBM). Miriam Mohler is a direct descendant of Moses. She was married for 30 years until her life partner, Jim, took the hand of Jesus and breathed in heaven. A creative thinker, she is convinced that God is a God of joy and she is committed to a lifestyle that convinces others that it is fun to have a relationship with Him. She drinks tea, drinks in books and movies, and drinks living water. This friend plays at Disneyland, with words, and with her friends and 2 grown children as often as she can. An ordained minister who teaches for TIU online is also learning how to navigate life in an empty nest!

Often I feel like a “fish out of water” as I travel unfamiliar and uncharted paths for me. But then again, we all were made for more, for something different, for Him. So, as I wait for a future in eternity where the Living Water gives life and joy and purpose, I am learning to swim creatively, while leaning on my Life Preserver, all the way home. “Just keep swimming….”