All Fool’s Day

April 1, 2015 0 By Mirm

Christians have neglected April Fool’s day for too long!  It is a religious holiday, although the origin is unknown. In the 18th century this holiday corresponded with all Saint’s day and All Soul’s day.  It represents several concepts. The beginning of spring suggests that Old Man Winter has been tricked. God’s new life emerges from the hibernation of sleep. Resurrection gets the last laugh over death. The apostle Paul legitimizes April Fool’s Day for Christians. The cross is foolishness to those who do not believe; it is salvation, hope, love and joy for those who do.  It is the divine joke played on Satan, the great deceiver, by raising Jesus from the dead. The empty tomb triumphs with laughter over the empty cross.

April Fool’s day is a day to acknowledge humbly that sin has made a foolish waste of our lives, corrupting and wrecking what God made holy, fresh and funny.  It is a day to sing and laugh and play in the promise of Easter.

Many churches celebrate April Fool’s day, or sometimes Easter Monday, as the day of joy and laughter, of rest and special festivities. There is lots of singing, joke telling, pranks and game playing. Many are invited to be “fools for Christ” and to work for peace and unity.  The invitation is open to us as well.  Let’s celebrate with a sense of joy and happiness because of the GOOD NEWS!  He is risen indeed!