Merry Christmas 2015

December 17, 2015 0 By Mirm

xmas card 15˜Twas the night after Thanksgiving and all alone in the house

I was reflecting on how life had changed since the death of my spouse

A lifetime of blessings and memories shared

Still praising Jesus that we had been paired.

The children were once nestled snug in their beds,
But they quickly grew up when I turned my head;
Savor the moments for life goes by fast,
Now I face new choices and an emptying nest.


Emily got married and lives really close by

Connor, her husband, is a really good guy

Shepherds junior high kids and is a pastor

I wonder at times how the parents they take after.


Serving coffee and serving Jesus

Emily and Connor live together a life that pleases.

Art and music are part of their life

Learning to live as husband and wife!


With food and games the house was once stocked

For Clayton and his friends often flocked

I looked recently and the snack cupboard was bare

Because now all were grown and no one comes there

Clayton goes to Biola and soccer he plays

To Japan on a mission the guys spent summer days

With the plane full of teammates and the coaches they flew

To playoffs in Oregon and Florida too.


A mission in India the next year begins

Clayton will be with 6 others; will you pray for him?

He springs to work at things that matter

And roots for the Cubs, Hey! Batter, Batter


I’m still working at church, and purging bookshelves,
And I laugh and I play, in spite of myself;
Not sure where I’m headed or what God will do,
But leaning in hard I trust in Him true

So hear me exclaim, as this year goes away

I think of you often and I continue to pray

That God will bless you and always come near
“Happy Christmas to all, and to all New Year’s cheer.”