10 that Changed Miriam

May 19, 2016 0 By Mirm

There is a great series on PBS that is called 10 ____ that changed America. The episodes include houses, towns, parks and buildings. It is a really informative series and I highly recommend watching it. It got me thinking about other things that have changed the world. What would I put on that list? For example, the DVR, the printing press, technology (personal computers) and more.

Then I started thinking about the top 10 things that changed and shaped my life. Here are the first things that come to mind in random order:

  1. Jesus – what a rare privilege to be born into a Christian family and be taught according to the eternal truths of God’s Word. Mar. 7th, 1969 I stepped into God’s forever family.
  2. Camp – Forest Home where I made lifelong decisions and friends. Hume where I first felt called to ministry. Mt Hermon where I fell in love with Jr high ministry
  3. Biola – where I met my husband and it shaped the trajectory of my life.
  4. required Spanish in 6th grade. This created a passion for language that became missional in focus as I then went to Mexico and wanted to translate God’s Word
  5. Moving to HB. This started so negatively but God blessed me with so many good things that I would not have known had I stayed in Calabasas.
  6. Marrying Jim. A team forever. 8.23.80
  7. Campus Life – christian friends are so vital to shaping who I became and what I valued and holding me accountable to walking in a manner worthy
  8. Becoming a Parent-of course this changed everything. Career. Spending. Character. Focus. The 2 most spectacular people and valuable privilege I have ever been allowed to participate with God in are Emily and Clayton.
  9. Jim’s death – goes without saying. 11.5.10
  10. The conscious decision of choosing to develop a sense of laughter and play. Jest in Time was part of that legacy that began with a conversation in Jr. High.

Additionally, the rhythm of decades has impacted my adult life. Ten years on staff in Downey (Jim), then 10 years in team ministry in Scottsdale. Ten years in Illinois followed by 10 years back in So Cal./Biola. Will that rhythm change as I move to the empty nest?! It is the 10 year anniversary this summer! Stay tuned…..