Life as a Thank you 23

June 1, 2016 0 By Mirm

IMG_2840Dear David,

I am working on becoming a more grateful person and so I am working on the discipline of writing thank you notes each week. In honor of your 50th I wanted you to know how thankful I am for you.

Growing up I always wondered what it would be like to have an older sibling. Being the oldest can be hard – you not only have to be the “responsible” one, you are often the “guinea pig” and you are under pressure to set a good example. The good thing about being the oldest is the extra money for babysitting your siblings and getting privileges just to get at least one of the kids out of the parent’s proverbial hair. I am glad that I have siblings -the 3 that I have – who have stuck with me through everything and anything, who didn’t really have a choice of getting to know me or not and who definitely had to put up with some big sister harassing and bullying. Though stereotypically younger brothers are supposed to be the annoying little life-ruiners who tear through your room and antagonize you and your friends until no end, my youngest brother wasn’t a terror. My little brother was the cool one. He had (and still does have) everyone wrapped around his finger. My friends would tell me how cute he is and how fun he is to be around.

I remember the day well. In the middle of the night I crawled into bed at Connie Grantham’s house and I remember the adventure the next morning when her dad taught me to ride a 2-wheel bike while we awaited your arrival. I remember holding you and “zerberting” your belly. I remember so many things as kids that we shared. And I am thankful that you have forgiven me for many of them! Thank you for being super David and rescuing us from the Daddy trap. I am grateful for the humor, the bond and all the games we shared as siblings.I would like to thank you for never ceasing to make me laugh especially at family dinners with every inside joke. Thank you for amazing me everyday with your work ethic and intelligence. Thank you for singing along to The Night Chicago Died on the long summer days on our cross country road trips. Thank you for the endless impressions of characters that are spot on.

Thank you for creatively memorializing our family and Jim. I am so glad I can come to you with any of my questions and irritating “fixit” needs and you willingly and generously give me your attention and your time to take care of it. My computer thanks you too!

Thank you for cutting me slack when I went away to college and didn’t “come home” again very often and then for accepting Jim as part of our family, when it obviously invaded our bond and relationship.

Thanks for the honor of asking me to marry you. I am humbled and proud that you think so much of me. I love the family you made and I am grateful for our thoughtful conversations and for valuing my opinions even when you do not share them.

May God bless you and keep you and continue to grant you His favor.

I love you David, Miriam