Life as Thank You 53

December 12, 2016 2 By Mirm

Wil & Lorraine –

This year I made the commitment to write weekly thank you notes to let people know how grateful I am that they are in my life.  I decided to write to the 2 of you together, because almost everything comes out with your names hyphenated together.

I know the danger in writing a note is that it can be so trite or too gushy or too generic.  Mine will probably be all of the above without intentionality. From best man (Wilfie) and best editor (Quiche) to best friends and lifetime family; that is what happened with us.

Nearly every memory of raising my kids, nearly every holiday memory and more are attached to you.  Even most of my college years and my wedding have you in the pictures and the memories on my mind.  For my entire adult life, Wil, you have been one of Jim’s very best friends.  Thank you for your faithfulness. Thank you for the fun and thank you for being you!

I am grateful for the many hours we have shared in conversation, in the Word and playing together.  I feel like something magical happened at some point and we became family. Yes, the past few years since Jim and your moms went to heaven and our kids mysteriously became adults, we have not been able to be as active in our friendship.  Maybe it was too hard. Maybe it was necessary. Maybe it was because of the miles and the time difference. I still feel like I could call you any time of day or night and talk to you about anything.

Thank you for your willingness to hold me accountable, your fortitude in holding me up in prayer, your genuine support in writing and ministry, and your absolute silliness.

I am still waiting for our trip to England together!

May God continue to guide you and grow you and grant you grace and wisdom for each day.

I love you both, Wil and Lorraine.

Thank you for making my life joyful.

Your Mee-um