Slow Motion

July 29, 2021 0 By Mirm

Random thought of the day:

Maybe because I am a sports fan, maybe because I feel like we are moving in such a fast pace, but every once in awhile I wish we could rewind and watch some things over in slow motion. Sometimes I want to rewind to rewatch some spectacular catch or home run (think Kirk Gibson 1988). Other times I want to rewind and watch one of my kids’ moments (think Emily singing or Clayton playing soccer).

When I got the news about Jim’s cancer my entire world seemed to switch to slow motion. This was different because it felt like only our lives were in slo-mo while the rest of the world whizzed by at normal speed.

This thought came up as I was watching the Olympics the past 2 weeks as there are a lot of slow motion instant replays:

God has done amazing things. What has He done that I would like to rewind and see over again in slow motion?!

Sunsets. Births. Rainbows. Life. Joy. Ahas. Moments with friends. Worship. The list is endless. I am glad we will have forever to relive and create in slo-mo.