A new lampshade

October 5, 2021 0 By Mirm

One thing about binge watching all the shows on Magnolia Network, Discovery plus and other related platforms is the possibility of becoming dissatisfied with what is, of wanting something different or more. Spending money on things for self rather than generously sharing with those who need shoes, water and food is already easy enough to do without dreaming up ways to increase one’s footprint!

At the same time shows on these channels fuel creativity and ingenuity. Therein lies the rub: how to grow imagination without becoming overwhelmed with envy and overspending. So what I need to do is learn how to be okay with the felt inadequacies, reframe my life circumstances with joy and find a nice lampshade.

Yesterday I watched one of the food network shows and got some grand idea about something I could make for a Bunco dessert. Instead, I used what was available and made a nice dessert. That is what I am talking about! It’s all okay and I am learning to find joy in the okayness of life.