Christmas 2021

December 19, 2021 3 By Mirm

Another year has come and gone. Some of it was good. Some of it was hard. Some was messy. Some was fun. Of all the words that could describe 2021 I think I will use the word languishing. Why? After 2 years of pandemic fatigue I think most of those I interact with, follow on social media, and pray for seem to have a common outlook or mood that is apathetic at best, without purpose and focus, lost and agitated at worst. It is like we are all restless, yet unable to motivate or inspire any different perspective.

There is not much news to share from the Mohlers. We have not travelled and we don’t have new jobs or pets. I got a new knee at the beginning of December and I am looking forward to being able to hike, or at least enjoy a long walk, in some new place! We are all relatively busy, happy, and healthy. Learning to live gratefully is so daily and I try to savor every relationship, each interaction in real life, knowing that each one is an undeserved gift. My dad’s health continues to fade and I already miss his godly brilliance.

Here is the good news; no matter what word is used to describe a year in the life, Jesus is not defined by such short sighted and fluid terms. He takes our languish and reminds us how to flourish. He uses little prompts to push us out of ourselves and into His grace and hope. And for this I humbly bow my head.

May 2022 be a better year and a better word!

Love, Mirm