Lost things

January 9, 2024 0 By Mirm

There is a funny story about some keys that I will share but it got me thinking about the things I have lost. It has been said that the average person in America spends about 2.5 days a year looking for things misplaced, usually the remote, cell phone, shoes, glasses and keys. The amount of money spent on replacements is staggering and the toll on mental self shaming is probably higher. I can attest to this sense of frustration as I have lost several important things this year.

While getting ready for a craft for young kids’ Sunday school last week, we opened a sealed bag of gemstones and poured them into a bowl for the kids to glue them on a crown as they learned about God being the King. Out of the bag poured the gemstones and another startling thing  – a set of keys! Some person at a factory in Taiwan lost their keys! Maybe they are still looking. Maybe they got fired. Maybe they could never open whatever was locked again. Maybe they had to rekey everything at a high cost. Who knows how long ago this was that their keys were lost. Who knows how long the package sat on a slow boat from China. Who knows how long they sat on a shelf or in a box at a distribution center in Gurnee, IL. Who knows how long they were in our supply cupboard.

I think about the idea of lost in the Bible. It is the primary descriptor given to unsaved people. The best part of being lost is when the lost thing is found. Jesus described this in his parables about lost things. I have often had to give up looking and I am beyond grateful that the Lord NEVER stops looking. He doesn’t give up or decide what he is looking for can be replaced.  God launched the search for me at great cost to himself. I am that valuable. And for me the best part is that God never ever loses anything ever again. He keeps us. He holds us. He rejoices over us and delights with gladness. He quiets us with his love. I am so glad to have been found!!

It was my friend’s birthday yesterday and she has lost her memory. Even in that, the loss, though great, is only temporary. Though I miss her wit and humor, it is gone now but not forgotten. And I know that one day I will hear her laughter again. We are all just waiting for that day when all the lost things are found and we celebrate complete restoration forever! Oh how I long for it.

PS – The other thought about loss is related to grief. I consider Jim’s death an indelible loss but but he is not lost! I know right where he is. Loss is the wrong word because it is  passive and Jim’s passing was a movement from this life to his eternal home.