Newton’s Law of Motion is in Motion

January 21, 2024 1 By Mirm

I don’t know why I have such a difficult time processing this, but it is what it is. I have known that I would have to move soon but my tendency is to ignore such things and go about the regular routines and busy-ness of the day. I have not wanted to live in Downey so why don’t I want to move?! Is it the love of the familiar? Is it the low rent cost? Is it because I can’t afford to live anywhere else? Is it because I know it means further purging and “goodbyes”? Is it because of Newton’s law of motion* in play and my own lethargy? The answer probably includes some of each of the above. Moving makes me feel unstable and defeated. It points out my lack – Lack of money. Lack of enough. Lack of spouse. Lack of roots. Lack of hope.

The great scientist Newton said that an object at rest remains at rest, and an object in motion remains in motion at constant speed and in a straight line unless acted on by an unbalanced force. For me that unbalanced force is moving! The idea of moving is so overwhelming to me and I know that I need to change my perspective about it. I want to be resilient and adaptable. I want to have the ability to embrace change with openmindedness. May the support and love in my life grow in its influence so I can have a better look at it all.

The story of my relationship with movement (and moving)  – dysfunctional as it is, I think for me it started with the move from Calabasas to Huntington Beach when I was 13. But, in spite of my moves in life, God has shown up and blessed my life beyond my wildest imagination. Again and again. So at this point, I guess it is all about the momentum which is dependent on the amount of the force applied (law 2). Perhaps the trick is to make the movement undetectable, like when flying on a plane. The takeoff and landing feel like motion but once in the air it doesn’t “feel” like motion! So, I need to get rid of my excuses – my “yeahbuts” that keep me struggling with the takeoff – including:

Yeahbut I can’t afford anything –

Yeahbut I have to get rid of more stuff that I love

Yeahbut I don’t think it is fair

Yeahbut I hate asking for help

Yeahbut I don’t want to obligate my kids or family

Yeahbut – I just had a thought – could my hatred of moving have to do with my general feelings of movement and how I feel about my body? Do I need to learn to love my body and develop new strategies for moving it and other stuff too? Will that change my overall view of self and help me move my body and my life forward in healthier ways? I am not sure, but I am thinking that when there is a different physical space it may move me  toward a different mental outlook no matter how uncomfortable it is. May this move move me closer to health, to the Lord and to a happily ever after. (Law 3) And – May this move become the force on other objects in my life and may my opposite exertion move me even more in the right direction rather than a liability. I want to win this mind game, making moving more enjoyable.

Here I go…