Family Friday #13: And Snap! – the Job’s a Game

April 5, 2024 0 By Mirm

Jim and I loved to play games. We both came from game playing families (although I have since learned that 2 of my siblings don’t like games), and on many long cold seasons in Illinois we spent together playing games.  One of our first dates was to play Rook with the Wrobbel’s! We  have played a lot of games, made up games and I am fairly sure that life’s a game! Everyone can learn to play whatever hand they have been dealt and winning is possible – always!

But the other thing about games is that we both made almost everything into a game. In ministry Jim would make a race out of taking roll at day camps.  He would count rocks while preparing a soccer field in Mexico or create a maze while digging out of a blizzard. He would create a challenge or at least make even the most mundane activities into something fun. We liked to add games to trips and would  even make trips into games! In true Mary Poppins style we even made clean up and discipline less of a chore and more fun. Often, even though we failed or lost, we believed and modeled that life is meant to be fun. I still do.