Family Friday #21 Dress Up

May 31, 2024 0 By Mirm

I went to a performance tonight put on by No Limits, which is a learning center in Brea for developmentally disabled adults. My sweet Julie H was performing. She opened the night with prayer. I am so humbled by her faith and her prayer life.

The performance was great and you can watch it here

Julie’s class dressed up like the 80’s and as I watched it dawned on mr that the 80’s were a long time ago and the outfits which seemed so normal at the time are now costumes! I thought about costumes we wore growing up for plays and skits at school, for Halloween and the outfits we put together for spirit at camp. I am not very clever in this area – I had fun designing my costumes as a kid,  but for my own kids I usually bought something for their events. By contrast, Jim certainly was a creative entertainer. His dad would give the boys a buzz cut but leave the middle like a mohawk and paint mercurochrome on their faces and they would go play cowboys and Indians before ice cream and a completed buzz at the end of the day. Jim kept wigs and costumes under his desk and in his trunk and always had an accent, a silly voice or character to go with the outfit. I think this is what made him a good puppeteer too!