3 months or 2 years depending on how you look at it!

February 5, 2011 6 By Mirm

Hey all!  It is now 3 months since Jim went to heaven.  It was also 2 years ago that this wild adventure with GBM (glioblstoma multiforme) began! I have now started a site that is easier to access and will be posting there from now on – however randomly that may be!

It is a weird “anniversary” to celebrate, and yet it is another roadside marker on this journey, marking our place as we move along.  The pain is still there, perhaps it will be a permanent companion.  And I know that time does NOT heal all wounds, at least not by itself. Though sometimes overwhelmed with sorrow, I am learning to move intentionally to manage the grief and not just endure it.  More about this process in the weeks to come.

And I guess you have found it if you are here! It is very new and I am still figuring it all out, so I am open to all sorts of “questions, random comments, snide remarks….”