Surprise from Heaven

February 18, 2011 7 By Mirm

You may think I have totally lost my mind but I think Jim sent a small gift from heaven yesterday! Here is what happened:

After taking care of the car accident and getting Emily to school, I came home to make the necessary calls.  Then I thought about the AAA card in Jim’s wallet and decided to pull that out to give to Emily to carry until we (huh?! –  still using the plural pronoun) get her one of her own. Well, that is when I found the money.

Yes! Money!  In a wallet!  And it was Jim’s wallet (he never had money since he had teenagers)! It was not a lot but it was still there,  waiting for 3 months to bless me, to remind me that God is still in control and still taking care of our needs.  It also made me feel like Jim was still paying attention to his family even though he can’t be here.