Psalm for my Sister

August 5, 2015 1 By Mirm

Years ago when I did calligraphy, I found and adapted a poem/prayer that I made for my sister, Martha.  In honor of National Sisters day (which was Sunday), I thought I would reprint it here.

I will lift my eyes and smile as I give thanks for my sister.
My radiant, cleverly talented and godly sister, who is more than my sister, 
she’s my friend.
I will praise the Lord above that we were children together;
I rejoice to remember sharing a home and a family,
Our secrets, our surprises, even our fights.
I feel deep admiration and comfort for those days when we were young together, 
Learning to live for and love God and stand strong against sin, 
Supporting each other against the world
My sister, my beautiful sister.
Thank you Lord for this woman who shares my parents,
My past, my blood, who sees me whole, the beginning long ago, and the person I am now.
My sister, who has known me better than others, tolerated my faults

Believed in me, accepted my unique perspective on life, stood her ground in defending me,

Who has endured both my pain and celebrated my victories.
Yet for all the differences and the miles that come between us, I would still battle the world for her and her family.
I laugh for the joy of my sister, 
and sometimes I weep for my sister, 
I long to comfort her and hold her close
Dear Lord please bless and watch over my sister
this sister I love so much.