My Charmed Life

September 5, 2015 0 By Mirm

I live a charmed life! I was thinking about it after I got my latest charm bracelet in the mail today.  It is going to be a prayer bracelet and it has maps on it with places that represent people and ministries that I love and pray for regularly.

Charms have been in fashion for centuries but Queen Victoria made them popular.  I remember when I got my first charm bracelet and I have had fun over the years adding to it, and adding to Emily’s bracelets too. They really have become Lifetime bracelets as they tell the story of my life including places I have visited, milestones of my life, hobbies and memories of people and events.  It is like wearing history on my wrist, chronically the moments loved and lived.

I took a few pictures of some of mine.  Also, I thought of some Hiking Medallions or Stocknagels on Jim’s walking stick that represent the same idea for him, some phone charms and and the smashed pennies my kids collected!  Oh yeah, you can also tell our lives by our key rings over the years! hahaha!