Longing for Water

February 4, 2016 0 By Mirm

Ps. 63 talks about longing after God and thirsting after God.  It strikes me in a fresh way when I think about the man who wrote it and his circumstances.  David, a man after God’s own heart, sinned and in the long term consequences he lost children, was driven from the kingdom and his home, and the ability to worship in the temple.  This psalm is written after these things happened and we can tell that he clearly wants GOD!  When I lose something, big (my husband) or small (a meniscus or an ability), do I respond the same way?  When things in my life go wrong, do I want and long for God?

Worship is declaration of the one thing you really want most; it is stating to the world what matters most and what has a hold on your heart and life, what has the highest value! David says he longs for God.  What do I want most?!  I want to say that answer is always and only God, but I am not sure that it is! Worship informs everything that we do in life because we worship what we value most!  Further, worship fuels our actions so that what we proclaim with every breath what holds our attention, our affection and our allegiance.  Like David I want to say that you can take away my stuff, you can have my “kingdom”, you can even remove people from my life, but what I really want is GOD; He matters most to me.

Not only does David say he longs for God, but this psalm shows us that he enjoys God.  His actions back up his words and a relationship with God breeds contentment and satisfaction.  Like David, I want to say that all my longings are met in God.  Less that Jesus does not satisfy and nothing more than Jesus is desired! It is that kind of longing that leads to a lifestyle of blessing God, praising God, trusting God.  Restless until we find our rest in him.  Thirsting for living water because it alone satisfies in a dry and weary land!