Let God do the math

May 26, 2016 1 By Mirm

A friend of mine was frustrated with a huge inequity recently, being maligned by a racial slur. As she begged God for justice, she heard God gently say to her, “Let Me do the math.” I again am struck by the simple reality that God is in control and in spite of how much I struggle and wrestle with Him to make sure He understands the injustice, He gets it. And in His economy, numbers really add up and multiply differently than according to any schooling I have ever had. No matter how much I think that it is going to cost me to let God have His way the truth is that I have to allow Him to handle the math. My human perspective always looks at the cost, the time and the energy that it will take to get something done when God is asked. It really is more about my own selfishness than it is about receiving God’s favor. It is about trusting that God will bring His purposes to pass in His time. If God calls us to do something, it is on Him to bring it to pass; all I need to do is show up. God does the math as I willingly offer the things He has given me to steward. God loves a cheerful giver!

Take the feeding of the 5000. The disciples were worried about providing food for the multitudes gathered and how much it would cost them to feed such a crowd. Feeding that number of people was nothing for God to provide. And at the end of the day there were leftovers!

So when I am worried about too much month at the end of my money, or the angst of paying for a wedding or a private college education or gathering financial support for a mission trip, et al., God wants to do the math. When I think I deserve more, but am overlooked and that someone else got a raise or a promotion,  I need to stop trying to do the math myself. Jesus is completely untroubled by unbalanced equations.  He understands the math of the Kingdom: whatever you have plus the power of God always equals (or surpasses) whatever you need. And this is not just in financial areas. God always provides where He guides. If I could just learn to give God what I have and allow Him to provide beyond whatever I ask or think; my cup would always overflow.

God, please help me to continue to make my resources available (which you provided in the first place), to be added to your power to meet the needs of the world, or at least my niche in the world. Amen.