Life as a Thank You #24

June 7, 2016 0 By Mirm

20150114_193237Dear Jo,

It is so funny that I heard about you for years before I met you. And now we are bosom chums! I love that we have so much in common and that I can count on you to be up for any “boondoggle”. This year I am writing an old school thank you note each week to let others know how grateful I am for them.

“Friends are the family you choose”.  I don’t know who originally said that but it is so true. Thank you for choosing me and for being brave enough to let me into your life and for being vulnerable with me. Thank you for listening to me and respectfully supporting me, even if you disagree. I am grateful for your company, but I genuinely love that we like to do the same things whenever we get together! I am grateful that you are patient with me when we are doing something that I want to do, but that you hold me accountable from making too many ridiculous mistakes!

It sounds dumb but I am so glad we found each other…and that we live nearby.Thank you for asking me to go on a trip with you and for helping me buy a car and for so many moves, etc that needed your car. I love your willing heart.

May God bless you more than you ever thought possible and may you know Him better each day.

Go Dodgers!  With Love, Miriam