Floods and Puddles

May 8, 2017 0 By Mirm

My mind flooded with thoughts of a woman I never met. Today would have been Jim’s moms 91st birthday.  How do I know that?! Why can’t I let some of those little dates go? Her only brother will be buried next week and I wonder if I should go and take some sand from Barbados. Anyway, I wonder what it will be like when I meet her in heaven. I am so glad that God “surprised” her with Jim; I am grateful for the ways she raised him.  I wish I could have known her in this life.

It is ironic that I am also showered with new thoughts and memories of my Jim.  My life has refreshing puddles of hope and joy.  Some are made by my tears of regret and sorrow but they are happy nonetheless.  Some are splashes that encourage me.

Tonight, I went to a reunion of the Downey High class of 1973 at Frantone’s.  I realized that I actually know more people from Jim’s graduating class than I know from my own high school.  And the stories! I loved hearing about Jim and how kind and real he was, even as a kid.  Friends from his elementary school, boy scout troop, band in junior high and high school, and church all raved about him (even though he was not the focus of the gathering) and kept stating that there was nothing but positive things to say and fun memories of the person who God chose for me.  I love that I was invited. I have heard these names over and over from Jim and other spouses shared that they heard Jim’s name just as often in their homes! He lived on as they shared their memories of growing up and doing life together.  I am so grateful for the stability and comfort of a place called Downey.

Flooded with memories.  Refreshing grace. Hope in the puddles of joyful face of Jim.