Mermaid Day!

September 12, 2017 0 By Mirm

Well it is my birthday!  I am the age of the minimum wind speed needed to issue a severe thunderstorm warning. In Spongebob Squarepants Patrick claims that my age is the luckiest number ever!  And my age matches the number of counties in the state of California.

So how did I spend my day? I made scones to share in the office. I got my free Starbucks beverage (on a side note I really think it is time to change up my “go-to”). My desk was decorated. I got flowers and treats. My mom brought in my favorite cake (Tweed Cake).  My team took me to lunch where I got a free milkshake.  I went with the girls to get ice cream.  Then I went to watch soccer at Biola. Friends and family called, texted, emailed and used other forms of social media to wish me a happy day.  I went to dinner with Clayton. The Dodgers ended their slump!

There are several who share my day (Marge Couch, Pat Mills, Cori Lynch M., Joyce Beach, Karen Carpenter, Aaron Wolgemuth, Vanessa Adrian, Lana Kaneko….and I can’t celebrate my day without thinking of my pastor/boss, Bob Brouwer, and friend Vera LaRue who already are home in heaven.

In honor of Mirm I am listing several jokes:

What kind of bra does a mermaid wear?  An Algaebra

What did the sea say to the mermaid?  Nothing.  It just waved.

What has beautiful hair, 2 arms, a tail and looks like a mermaid but isn’t a mermaid?  A photo of a mermaid.

Which part of a mermaid weighs the most?  the scales

Why did the mermaid close her eyes and look away?  Because the sea weed.

Why was the mermaid on a seahorse?  Because she was playing water polo.

Where did the fisherman and the mermaid meet? On-line

What is a mermaid’s favorite song?  Salmon-chanted evening

Where dies a mermaid sleep?  On a water bed.

Where do mermaids go to the movies? at the dive in

How does the mermaid contact her friends? On her shellphone

What do you call a lady who lives under the water, has a tail and is really funny?  A mirthmaid

What is the opposite of a mermaid? A merbutler