This is Us is Us!

February 7, 2018 1 By Mirm

Grief is part of the landscape of life. It made itself at home long ago and yet I realized its presence in a profound way when my life partner left earth. It is always there and I ignore it in the same way that I function with a low grade headache or keep eating popcorn when I am already full. Yet sometimes it still startles me.

I was first captivated by the television show This is Us because of the well-written script that captures the complexity of grief as it provides a fresh glimpse at the ongoing part that such sorrow plays in life.  Every time I watched over the last two seasons I have resonated with this depiction of family life and the reality of grief that changes over time but is still part of their lives.

I love the way that the life of Jack Pearson continues to impact his family and friends.  Perhaps the irony of Jack’s death is that he dies in a fire. Grief is like fire; It is all consuming, terrifying, and immediate. It is a refining force that transforms perspective and faith. The smoldering embers of a fire, the emanation of heat and the wisps of smoke that linger are a reminder of the fire’s intensity just like the impact of the afterglow of a life well lived. This television show paints a realistic portrait of grief and every time I watch I feel like I am watching a great depiction of the life I live; this is us!