Happy 22 to a favorite dude

March 4, 2018 0 By Mirm
  • So my son likes rap and instead of a note or card, this year I did a rap.

A Wrapped up Rap for Clay
Here’s EXTRA just for you
Tryna wish you a GOAT 22
It may not be tight yet fire true
Still gonna drop it
I’m makin’ it legit

Clayton is my homeboy
Always really mellow
He is chill yet a lit fellow
Book smarts street smarts Hundo -P
Dead – can’t even – He slays me

Like his dad Clay’s so fly
Bible-dude -it’s certified
I’ll stay woke. Life’s a rhyme
He’s wig ‘n jiggy all the time

I’m not cray – You snatched/on-fleek
Set squad goals –  always low key
Zooted on Jesus – that just savage
Living for Him is your adage

Keeping it real; you’re so trill
Ain’t got FOMO to say you’re dope
Turnt up to give you peace and hope
Love you son – you da’ bomb
Floppin it out  – from your mom

gotcha shooketh?!