Ears To Hear Ex. 26 The Tabernacle

June 5, 2018 0 By Mirm

I have not travelled extensively, but many of the places I have gone I have attended church or visited various cathedrals and worship sites. Each one is beautiful, some because of the architecture, some because of the history and some because of the community found there. One thing in common is that they are sites set aside for worship and reminders of God’s presence.

I read and reread this passage about the Tabernacle several times and in several translations hoping to make sense of it as I imagined it all. There are probably multitudes of ideas on the symbolism of the numbers, colors and fabrics used, but it is the goal or purpose of the tabernacle that kept commanding my focus.

God told the people He had redeemed to build a place for Him to dwell in their midst. He wanted them to see that He was with them. It was the first time that He was to live with them since the Garden of Eden. This “mobile home” was designed to lead people into the presence of God and to remind them of His faithful presence every day. Additionally, the tabernacle is another picture of Jesus, who would eventually dwell or tabernacle among us on the flesh. Immanuel means God with us; God’s presence and His plan for redemption are written into the blueprints of the tent of meeting.

Some people are better at following instructions than others; the detailed directions for building this tent of worship was to give God’s people the opportunity to obey. God expects obedience even in the details. The Israelites struggled to learn these truths. Today there is not a portable tabernacle, but our struggle to obey is not much different than those whom God redeemed in Exodus 26. Just as God pitched his tent with the Israelites, he now makes his dwelling place in human hearts. This is why we are to glorify God with our bodies. We are given the gift of God’s presence through the Holy Spirit, so that we can follow his instructions and faithfully obey all he has commanded.