Tata to Tim – a class act…

March 22, 2019 0 By Mirm

The first time I met you was at Disneyland and you were enthusiastically greeting my daughter! I had seen you prior to that because you were in Emily’s class at church, but that was my first official introduction to you.  Then when you came on staff as a lead, you seemed so young (and you were) but you matured very quickly.  You learned from your mistakes and you listened to your mentors with a gentle yet eager heart.  There has been no question that you are called to ministry; the Lord has blessed you in brilliant ways as you have yielded to Him. 

When Scott transitioned out of High School, there was no hesitation that you were the strong candidate to take over.  Age was not an issue. Your servant leadership and your genuine love of both students and the Word are only 2 of many qualities to admire. Then you married Annah and things only got better in your ministry and your life.

Recently you made a choice to put Annah’s career first and to allow her the opportunity to answer a call to ministry as well.  As much as I want to shout, “Don’t do it” because I selfishly want to keep you as my boss, I cannot begin to tell you how proud I am of you and of the choice you have made.  There are not many guys who would yield their dream job and personal calling for another, especially when the other is a woman!

While you did this for your family, the impact is stunning. Everyone is watching. Every girl in the ministry is looking on and hoping for a godly man who will value them in similar fashion.  Every young man is learning by observing how to be a  servant leader in their own marriage one day.  Parents are watching, some are humbled by your example and some with incredulity.

I am blessed by you and I am glad for the privilege to work with you for these few short years. I am reminded of Jim, my husband, who shared your view and made some similar sacrifices. It is a gift that is quite rare, but shouldn’t be. I will say, “May your tribe increase!”

May God bless you and honor you and your family as you continue to make a difference for the kingdom – wherever you are. I will be watching and cheering you on from my corner in the world.

With love and respect,


PS – I will always remember the trip to Israel with happiness! Clarence the Camel. The Hezekiah tunnel. our hats….