A Quarantine Wedding

April 20, 2020 0 By Mirm

There are so many ripple effects of the COVID 19 pandemic. One of them is that it has become the very unwelcome wedding guest as couples have to scrap their plans, can’t honeymoon and are unable to get a wedding license. Saturday, April 18th was the date Dale and Megan set long ago. It was engraved on the band. Invitations were sent. Friends were asked to stand up with them. Showers and celebrations were arranged. And my organized niece, with a list, was in her element when the virus struck and all was postponed – maybe August? maybe not? Rather than become a statistical and logistical casualty, this couple met the potential roadblock with resolve and creativity to keep their most significant day a reality!

So, these 2 decided that the show must go on and on Saturday, with a live stream so that all those who could not travel and all those who wanted to witness this happy moment could tune in and virtually join in the celebration. Some dressed up in their living rooms. Some took screen shots and sent them to the couple. Some had a Zoom meeting so they could all watch “together”. It was special in the backyard that Megan called home. I had the honor of officiating. The parents were there. The matron of honor and the best man both gave toasts. We had masks and distancing but mostly we celebrated what no pandemic can stop – Here’s to the power of love!

Since their marriage started with the “hard times” may all the good times and the happily ever after begin. I love you Megan and Dale!