Happy New Year to Me

September 12, 2021 0 By Mirm

I think I have said it before but to me birthdays are like New Year’s day. The vibe is so similar. I look backward and reflect on accomplishments, I marvel at my blessings and I set new goals and make plans for the year moving forward. Janus (January) is the roman god of beginnings and he had 2 faces – one to look back in the past and one to look forward into the future. On New Year’s day people follow certain traditions, eat certain things and celebrate both the things that have happened and the opportunities that will come. Similarly, on a birthday the exact same thing happens, or it should!

For me a birthday is an expression of thanks. I am grateful that God made me and for the parents He chose. I am thankful for life and every birthday is a reminder that I am fearfully and wonderfully made. I have a purpose and because I am still here I still have work to do. Further, no matter what kind of family a person is born into and no matter what the past looks like, a birthday is a chance to thank God for His lovingkindness and His redemption in all of life.

Birthdays include the idea of celebration, which means people, especially family and friends, show up with blessings, wishes and sometimes even gifts to express their love and show the birthday person their worth. I have always cherished being remembered and the chance to let those who have impacted me know how much I value them. Additionally, laughter and play together is the best part of life and a birthday is the perfect chance to do that!

A birthday is a chance for a refresher. It is the chance to celebrate one’s original beginning and the the opportunity to begin again. I have had many trips around the sun. I have another year of blessings and hope for which to thank God. Just contemplating the air I have breathed in and the nights I have slept in peace and the 365 mornings He awakened me with new mercies is mind-numbing. And that alone is worth celebrating!