My grown up Wish list

September 10, 2021 0 By Mirm

So with my birthday coming I am often asked what I “want”. In a season where I am purging and parting with many “treasures” it is hard to come up with something new! I have more than my fair share. And with the pandemic I really don’t want to go anywhere too people-y. My kids really cannot afford to “give” me anything and what I really want from each of them is to be healthy, happy and holy. I would love for them to each give me a call regularly to check in and tell me how they are doing and maybe the occasional family game night.

My birthday wish from Emily would be a reprieve from the past 6.5 years of financial and emotional struggle she and Connor have experienced. They need to “catch a break”. And what I would like from Clayton is for him to get the vaccine and find love.

Of course there are things that I would enjoy but more than any “stuff”, I really do want time with friends, a few cheerful adventures and world peace!