October 16, 2022 0 By Mirm

This is going to be a random dump of thoughts:

I finally got Covid. It was icky. I do not care what anyone says about it being “over” or “just a bad cold”. It is not fun, lonely for a single person, scary and not something I would ever want to repeat. I am vaxed and boosted, careful and don’t go many places but it finally got me. Thankful to be on the mend.

My Emily ran a marathon this month in honor of turning 30. Now both my kids are marathoners! I am proud of them and I venture to guess that if Jim was alive he would have run with both of them! Me?! Nope!

The Dodgers lost in the playoffs – disappointing but now, as usual, I will root for the team who beat them – Go San Diego Padres (except for Manny Machado)!

My dad is on hospice and has a great caregiver every day. He continues to fade but i am grateful that he gets to be at home and is not antagonistic or cross. He still smiles and cracks the rare joke. He turns 89 this week.

Life is going to change sooner than I would like, but I am so blessed to have an amazing family extended, a job, a husband who frugally planned and saved, and the hope of heaven.