It’s Wedding Week! What to say about marriage?

May 29, 2023 0 By Mirm

There are so many examples and similes of marriage, but today I choose to compare marriage to soccer – the beautiful game!

1. When marriage is new it is like a little kids’ soccer game – it takes a while to realize who your teammates are and which direction you need to go. Little kids learning the game of soccer run around in a “clump” and they each know one thing – kick the ball into the net. It takes time to learn to play as a team. In marriage it will take time to build that teamwork too.

2. Soccer is easy to play but it requires a learned skill that comes from practice to “find” your open teammates and pass the ball to them – even if they are behind you! Learning the importance of the assist actually is the smarter way to play the game. The same type of teamwork applies in marriage as you learn to bring out the best in each other and help each other “win”! Understanding all the different player positions and trying them all in soccer is the best way to learn to play to your strengths. Similarly, in marriage it is important to find out where you each play best, where your strengths are.

3. Listening to the coach is critical in soccer as his perspective is bigger. Likewise, the Lord will use lots of coaches, assistants and practices to refine your relationship. Use resources to learn to communicate and remember that your teammate is not your enemy. Be smart and ask for help when you need it!

4. Soccer players cheer each other on! They watch and root for each other. Gratitude is one of the most important things about marriage. Take time daily to affirm each other, build each other up, serve each other, pray for and praise each other. Pay attention and root for the success of one another! It will be your win too!

5. Playing a soccer match without practicing is just dumb. It is essential to learn the plays and the rules. and how to play to the whole field. You build winning strategies, get in shape, learn where your teammate is and get better with practice and over time. All this is how marriage works too.

6. Soccer teams must accept defeat. They learn to be “good” losers by never giving up, learning from mistakes, apologizing and asking for forgiveness. Being willing to own up to what you messed up in a relationship is like acknowledging the yellow cards as warnings, so that you don’t end up with a red card!

7. In soccer matches the center referee is the one who knows the time. His clock is the only one that matters. It is vital to remember He is in control of the field and to listen for His whistle. In marriage God is the one in control – yield to Him. Always.

8. While soccer can be played anywhere – home field is an advantage. Keep the pitch of your marriage green by watering it, weeding it, etc. Make your home/family a priority.

9. Both soccer and marriage are meant to bring joy to life. They are to be fun!