Now I’m 64

September 12, 2023 1 By Mirm

Sometimes I am really weird… yeah okay I am always weird but sometimes it is more visible …. I completely embarrassed my kids by cranking up the volume on spotify and singing my own version in the middle of a crowded Rutabegorz!

Now I’m 64 (a parody of the Beatles When I’m Sixty-Four)

Now that I’m older losing my spry
How did time fly by
Will you laugh with me? Won’t it be fun?
Another year traveling around the sun

I can say that God has been there
I hear Aslan’s Roar
Will you still hug me? Will you still love me?
Now I’m 64

You’re all older too
I just say the words
I will ever love you

I am still busy but that is not new
When all is said and done
My knees are fake. Wish I could get down on the floor
Sunday morning Scones I will make

Please come with me – Adventures we’ll take
Who could ask for more
I am still silly! My friends are great!
Now I’m 64

Every moment we can live for Him 
My family’s growing – isn’t it dear?!
Grandkids maybe one day
Amanda has joined my three
Emily Connor and Clay

Jim went to heaven, I am just fine
Eternal point of view
Grieving briefly not forever I like to say
Yours sincerely, not wasting time

Give me your friendship, filled up with hope
Mine for evermore
I will still serve Him! I am still me!
Now I’m 64-