The posture in 2024

January 7, 2024 0 By Mirm

We all face the same challenge to let go of what lies behind, rest in the present and trust the future to God’s good keeping. This is the posture of content obedience.

It was 38 years ago this month that God told Jim and I to “Go”. We listened and obeyed. We left a great church and our family and friends and headed to the desert. Specifically Scottsdale Arizona.  Would there have been blessings if we had stayed in CA? No doubt. But the future adventure that was the result of following what God told us to do was worth it! Was it easy? No. But was it worth it? Duh. Obedience is always the best choice!

I am still amazed that God, the creator of everything, wants a relationship with his creation. Even more, that He initiates and communicates regularly with us through creation, the Word, and many other means. I am not sure why we continue to be surprised when we hear Him, but I think it is because we are rarely listening rather than the fact that He doesn’t speak! May 2024 be another year of listening to the Lord submissively and joyfully.