How many does it take?

February 22, 2024 1 By Mirm

How many boxes WIll it take to pack my stuff?

How many hugs will it take to say I’ve missed you?

How many times do I need to really learn my lesson?

How many Bible Studies does it take until we get the main point? And by “getting it” there is the requirement of appropriation.

When I hear christians say that we MUST not allow immigrants to cross “our” borders, I am baffled because we are all immigrants. Further, we are called to love our neighbors as ourselves. We are called to give a cup of cold water in His name. We are to be generous. We are to share. This is not our home. And, when I hear some of the same christians ridicule and deride political leaders from an “opposing” viewpoint I wonder if they have prayed for those leaders as we are commanded to do in scripture? Have they prayed for their enemies? Have they blessed them and not cursed -because those enemies are also the neighbors we are to love as we love ourselves.