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Discipline of Sacrifice

Encouragement Inc. is studying the disciplines:  scripture, solitude, supplication, stewardship, singing, silence, serving, sabbath, sacrifice. All the study really needs to be applied!  I need to just do it! Anyway, last Sunday Jeff talked about sacrifice.  For me this is one of the hardest concepts to wrap my mind and my muscle around. So here […]

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Clayton at 21~

Dear Clayton, You are officially an adult in the eyes of the law. I think about what I hope for you as you finish college and become a independent and godly man. You are more amazing than you know. That is partly due to your own choices, partly due to your heritage and all a […]

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Today as I write this I am in the middle of a move, which I feel like I have been in the middle of for 3 or more months. Every 10 years or so in our married life we have moved. This is 10.5 but it still fits in the rhythm. For me, I think […]

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