New Insights

February 5, 2012 2 By Mirm

Today marks the Super Bowl but also 15 months since Jim joined the cloud of witnesses!  I make new discoveries and see God’s mercies in new ways every day. Some of them are nurturing, some are healing, some are practical!  For example, I recently rearranged my bedroom and added a new comforter. I knew I needed to make our space my own. Well in the process I stumbled, literally. over a rubbermaid container that held some of my seasonal socks, scarves and miscellaneous things.  I thought to myself, wouldn’t it be nice if I had a dresser drawer available to store them in when it dawned on me that I actually have 5! Yes Jim’s dresser has been empty for nearly a year; I never even thought about accessing it. That has been his for the past 30 years but now it is mine to use!  Cool, huh?!