Life as a Thank You – 7

February 16, 2016 0 By Mirm

Dear Marji,

I decided to write an old-school note of gratitude each week in 2016. This is your turn. The difficult thing about these notes is they only say words that represent something much deeper than words can ever express. I could write a book about how much you mean to me, but this short note will have to do! I have been captivated by your beauty inside and out, ever since I have known you, which is over 40 years!  I am so grateful that God saw fit to put us in the same math class as freshmen at Edison.  We grew in our faith, made life time commitments, faced trials and triumphs together over this whole lifetime! Most of my best memories include you!

I thank God every day for you (and Dave)!  I am so grateful for your patience, your consistency, your love. I have learned so much about parenting, marriage and friendship from you. You are creative, kind, thoughtful and not as forgetful as you think you are! Thank you for being you and for accepting me for who I am.

Thank you for keeping this friendship alive in spite of our distance over the years in which it could have faded to just a Christmas card level of friendship. Thank you for all the inside jokes and made up words. Thank you for remembering me on random yet special number days on the calendar. Thank you for listening to me and for encouraging me; for teaching me new things and sharing your talents and your fruit so generously. I am so glad we got to take that “last” cruise (for Jim) together to the 49th state on our 50th b-days! PS – Thank you for the furniture and the woodworking skills – I feel like I am on the better end of this friendship by far! I am forever grateful even as I look to the memories we have yet to make!

May God bless you with many friends and with as much joy as you have brought me over the years

I love you Marji!
m& M