I am Gomer…

February 1, 2018 0 By Mirm

The one character in the Bible that I do not ever want to be identified with is Gomer.  Ok, well there are several others, but no matter how much I think I am different than Hosea’s wayward wife, it does not take more than a few seconds to realize I am not – different, that is!

The book of Hosea is quite overwhelming.  The thought of this guy going out and marrying a prostitute just because God commanded him to and then to keep chasing after her every time she leaves him is crazy!  If God told me to do something so bizarre I am sure I would dismiss it as not really something God would ever ask anyone to do, let alone me!  I wonder how clearly the Lord revealed this to Hosea! (just like the instructions to Isaiah to go naked and barefoot for 3 years). Really?!

But as I read the story I am stunned by the reality that I am Gomer.  I am the wanderer that Jesus is continually chasing after. And I am so grateful for Hosea’s obedience because thousands of years later as I run after the things of this world, Jesus keeps coming and finding me and redeeming me, bringing me back home as faithfully as I am faithless. Jesus keeps loving me No.Matter.What. Amazing love -  how can it be?