Earl & Connie Degrafft 70 Years!

April 8, 2018 1 By Mirm

When I first met the Degraffts I was a newlywed, or about to be. It was a serendipitous moment when the church (DFB) bought the “promised land” and we became neighbors.  God always knows what we need and he met that need beyond anything I could imagine in Earl and Connie. (and that is a good thing)
We gained a family as they generously welcomed the Mohler’s into their lives and home. We shared a yard and garage and many hours together, eating, playing games, gardening and becoming family.

Over the past 40 years we have exchanged gifts. Recipes. Letters. Ideas. Photos. We traveled together and to see one another when we moved apart. We have laughed and cried, prayed and played, celebrated  and grieved together. We have grown in our faith, learned generosity and a multitude of skills because of Earl and Connie. They could pretty much do everything! Our family has been blessed and become who we are because we were “de- grafted” into your family tree!

I think about all of their abilities and their hands were used for others through so many many years! What can hands tell you about someone?  They can tell the stories long after one’s voice is stilled.  For Earl and Connie, they have been holding hands through life for 70 years.  That is quite a legacy! Having a long marriage is rare these days but having a great marriage is even more rare. Like a Unicorn. Their hands tell the story of the life and the adventure they have shared. Their hands tell a love story of their love for each other and of their love for the Savior.

Their hands have created.  Connie has sewn and stitched and crafted so many things physically and spiritually. Earl too has gardened and planted, growing both greenery and people (literally and figuratively.)

Their hands have served other and cared tenderly. They have lent a hand many times. Their hands have kept people safe. They have used their hands to bless and give and share. Connie has cooked and cleaned with her hands for her family and friends. Earl served and saluted in the Navy to protect the freedoms we enjoy in this country. They both have carried out the mundane everyday tasks with their hands with love as they have cherished those god has laid in their hands.

These are hands that have played: Games. The guitar. The piano. With grandkids, pets and friends. Their hands have played in other countries around the world!

Their hands have prayed.  They continue to carry people and needs to throne room as they pressed their hands together and have talked to God each night. They have uplifted and blessed and held hearts with tenderness and trust.

Their hands have loved. They have hugged and tended and held others well.  They have a hand-le on it now!
Gotta hand it to them. Not everyone’s hands tell such a love story. Nor do they look like they have worn so well! Let’s give them a hand!