What’s Your Favorite Flavor of Life Savers?

June 22, 2020 1 By Mirm

That was my question last week to a friend while we played cards using one of my childhood decks of cards that had life savers on them. Every so often the simplest of questions can lead to the best discussions and walks down memory lane. My friend’s favorite flavor was butterscotch. Mine was choc-o-mint or fancy fruit (especially pear and black raspberry).

That took us down a rabbit trail of candy memories from childhood. One memory had to do with a butterscotch candy that L’s dad used to love. She couldn’t remember much so she called her dad to see if he could remember the name. He couldn’t. So we started googling and found it! Callard and Bowser, a British brand that is now called Champion and Reeves. It took another plot twist to discover that information and another call to her dad to confirm the brand. We next hunted for a way to purchase it and finally were able to order some for her dad.

I then posed the original question to several other friends and then cheerfully traveled down several more rabbit trails along memory lane. My favorite stroll included gum which led to a gum wrapper chain that we pulled out and measured at 103 feet! You know the weirdest thought is that, in this recycled and paper free era, gum wrappers are obsolete! When I looked it up on the internet, I found chains for sale, commanding quite a nice price!

There are so many sweet memories (pun intended) related to childhood treats and candy. My favorites were varied and usually fruity over chocolate, hard over chewy, sweet over tart, but all of it brings back happy memories.

Remember when you could buy a whole roll of one flavor of lifesavers? How about Life Saver Holes? Or Cream lifesavers? There was even life saver gum and popsicles for awhile. One of the things I loved was how it was packaged and I would use the outside wrapper as a bookmark. The brilliance of lifesaver was the green string to open one end of the waxed lined foil roll for eating. What’s your favorite flavor of Life Savers?