January 15, 2021 0 By Mirm

Sometimes when the sun is setting and God is painting the sky with pinks, purples and shades of rainbow sherbet, I think about endings and goodbyes. I love the reflection the end of the day brings and I would tell you that twilight is my favorite time of the day. Even knowing that there is a welcome rhythm to seasons and times, and a quiet pleasure in knowing it will start again, I still want it to linger longer. Stay is one of the loviest words in the English language.

I love that every day is fresh and new but I hate saying goodbye at the end of it. So many are moving away these days, others are leaving jobs, and many others have finished their earthly race. In addition to all the isolation, people seem to be closing doors on relationships because of differences in opinion or even politics. I want to shout to each one, “STAY!”

So how about this? Stay a little while longer. For that I pray. If you can, stay. I long for the day when that prayer is answered.