April 13, 2022 9 By Mirm

Once upon a time, last Sunday, April 10th shortly after 9pm to be more accurate, I was driving home to Downey after spending the afternoon with my parents. I was driving along with the flow of traffic on the North 605, listening to a Lucille Ball podcast, when all of a sudden I heard a loud bang and lost control of my car. At first I thought perhaps a tire blew but by the way I was forced into the center median and spun around I quickly realized I had been rear ended. Honestly I thought I was about to die, and then a small thought in my head reminded me of how to steer and stop myself. I ended up half in the diamond lane and half in the fast lane facing oncoming traffic when I finally stopped.

The first miracle is surviving without too much injury. The next miracle is the number of people who ran into danger to help a stranger. One man stopped traffic and got me out of my totaled Subaru, which is largely responsible for my survival, and across all lanes of traffic to safety. Another man pushed my car across all the same lanes of traffic to the right shoulder. Others came up from the Cerritos Mall parking lot to assist me, offering water, a blanket and comfort. Two men held down the other driver from escaping the scene. There were several witnesses and one man, Phillip, who caught the whole thing on his dash cam. Some of the people at the scene of the accident have reached out to make sure I am okay. Really?!

Even though 911 was busy when I called, someone must have gotten through because the paramedics and CHP showed up. My vitals were taken and I was offered a trip to the ER, which I declined. I was so shaken and confused that I really was not thinking straight and could not figure out what to do. Another miracle is that no other cars were involved and there were no other casualties than the 2 cars.

The car that came up the HOV lane (with only one person in it) was speeding at over 100 miles per hour when it changed lanes and then rear ended me. It then veered across all lanes of traffic and hit the guard rail. The man who hit me was drunk and was arrested for felony DUI. I do not know if he has insurance or not, but maybe this will be part of his redemption story somehow. I am drawn to pray for him at the same time as being angry with him.

One other miracle was a darling young woman with bright pink hair and some facial piercings who took a lot of pictures, stayed with me the whole time and even waited with me until Clayton came to get me. It turns out that God, in His inimitable sovereignty, brought a christian girl, who we had crossed paths with in Waukegan, IL, to my aid. Yes, the irony is that we never know how God is going to use all the forgotten people and times of our lives for good. It turns out that she lived around the corner from us and across the street for my kids’ lifelong best friends, the Reeds. I reconnected with her mom by text that night. Together, Elita and Carrie connected me with a kind and trustworthy lawyer, who called me the next morning and is helping me with the details of my case. I am so grateful for this young woman and her calm, kind character and her smart, quick response at the time of my accident.

I am blessed by the generous and kind people I work with who have been praying for me, providing food and transportation. I am startled and humbled to be so loved. I don’t know the end of this series of miracles and I am sad to no longer have my car, but I cannot do anything but offer thanks to God for His mercies that never fail and the angels in disguise that He sent my way.

TBC (to be continued)

Front end of my car

My car is a Subaru Crosstrek – I love my car!

The other car