The Other Woman part 2

September 3, 2022 1 By Mirm

Once upon a time, aka 30 years ago, my husband fell in love with another woman. Actually, that is not quite accurate – it was a female child. When September 3rd had just begun, so began the in-person relationship between Jim and Emily that had begun to develop as an idea many years earlier in his heart and as a welcome reality nine months earlier. He started by dancing around the room with her in his arms, praying over her and welcoming her into his life and letting her know she had already captured his heart.

Let’s be honest, over the next 18 years this love affair left me happily sidelined, genuinely content and pleased to be the other woman as I watched Jim take care of his daughter the way she needed to be loved. He took her on “dates”, read stories to her and told her all about the One who loved her even more than he ever could. I hope she knows how crazy her father was about her and she never forgets what it is to be to apple of his eye.

Ultimately Jim’s love is a reflection of a greater love – the One who is Love. I hope both my kids have learned love well so they have a clear idea about the real, perfect and unconditional love of God, their heavenly Father.

Today my daughter is the center of another man’s world until perhaps one day she is faced with 6 ½ pound female who steals Connor’s heart the way she took Jim’s! Happy birthday to the other woman!