A Letter to my Future Daughter-in-Law

November 19, 2022 3 By Mirm

Dear Amanda – I am ecstatic to finally know you by name! I have been praying for you since before you were born and I look forward to being “related”! You are not what I imagined – you are MORE! I am grateful to our good God who has answered my prayers beyond my wildest imagination!

I love you already and I can’t wait until we share the same name!

I wrote this to you 24 years ago in anticipation of this day…

Now we know some of his quirks (ask!)…

His talents (music, spatial relationships, athletic and intelligent)…

His passions (Serving the Lord, soccer, games, and friendships)…

His strengths (relational, restorative, connectedness, developer, analytical and adaptable)…

…and we know that God brought you both to a saving knowledge of His Son and into a relationship with each other! I am so overwhelmed by His goodness!

I love you Amanda soon to be Mohler!

March 4, 1998

To my future Daughter in Law –

I don’t know you personally yet, but I have been praying for you since before Clayton was born (2 years ago today). I love you so much already! One day you will marry my son and we will become family! Though it is difficult for me to fathom, you will love my smart, sensitive and kind little boy more than I do. He will always be mine but there will be a day when you will take my place. Your hand will replace mine. Your eyes will be what hold his gaze and your heart will be his home. You will be the one with whom he shares his dreams. You will be the one he kisses goodnight. You will know him better than anyone else in the world! He will love you most and best. Together you will create a family and advance the Kingdom!

I pray for you all the time. I pray that you will grow in godliness and that the choices you make now will honor your future. Right now, somewhere in the world, you are everything to your parents and extended family just as Clayton is to our family. I am praying for your family too, that they are teaching you about the love of God through a personal relationship with Jesus. I pray you are shown every day what a gift you are. I pray that you will know that you are treasured by a good God and that you understand your worth. I hope you are cherished. Delighted in. Safe. Cared for. Upheld, valued and believed in. Loved. 

Jim and I are committed to raising kids who will one day put God first and who will honor their spouses and friendships. We are teaching Clayton by example and with intentionality to know the value of a woman’s heart and character. I pray he grows up to be just like his father.  We want you to know we are working hard to help him grow up encouraging and building up those around him, putting others first and becoming a man of his word and the Word. We want more than anything for Clayton to have integrity and courage, to be strong and vulnerable, to embrace bravery and humility.  

When God creates, He does so with specific purpose. He has made Clayton with all his quirks (he has a great belly laugh and carries Buzz Lightyear and woody everywhere), talents (which we have yet to discover), passions (right now it is for snuggles), and strengths (TBD) for God”s glory and for you too! We have a short window to discover all these special traits but you will enjoy them for a life time. You were created uniquely with Clayton in mind too. I am not saying that you will “complete” each other – only God can do that – but you both will be better and godlier than you ever would apart.

Looking forward to the day that I know your name!

With bright hope for tomorrow,